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Events at KLT

For all those who are a bit theatre curious, we are looking for budding debutants and directors and those of any theatrical disposition!

Introducing a new venture for KLT, we will be hosting an information evening to discuss our upcoming 22/23 season where we will invite you to come meet prospective Directors and other members to hear the upcoming plans we have.

To keep you informed about the events are planned in the Theatre.

At the present time, we have penciled in the following performance slots:

September14th – 17thEDUCATING RITA
November10th – 12th17th – 19th
January (Pantomime)12th – 15th19th – 21st
March16th – 18th23rd – 25th
May18th – 20th5th – 27th
Performance slots for KLT

As you can see, we are thinking of running extended performances for the forthcoming season, building on the success of Hobson’s Choice.

This is a new venture for us, so we’re aiming to make it a great season and place ourselves back in the centre of live entertainment in Knutsford. Also we welcome new directors and cast members and a backstage team to come and join us on Thursday evenings as we still have 2 slots left that need filling.

We do hope you can all make it, so we can involve you as the community in the discussions moving forwards on how you want your theatre to look like moving forward.

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