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Events at KLT

For all those who are a bit theatre curious, we are looking for budding debutants and directors and those of any theatrical disposition!

Introducing a new venture for KLT, we will be hosting an information evening to discuss our upcoming 22/23 season where we will invite you to come meet prospective Directors and other members to hear the upcoming plans we have.

To keep you informed about the events are planned in the Theatre.

At the present time, we have penciled in the following performance slots:

September14th – 17thEDUCATING RITA
November10th – 12th17th – 19th
January (Pantomime)12th – 15th19th – 21st
March16th – 18th23rd – 25th
May 18th – 20th5th – 27th
Performance slots for KLT

As you can see, we are thinking of running extended performances for the forthcoming season, building on the success of Hobson’s Choice.

This is a new venture for us, so we’re aiming to make it a great season and place ourselves back in the centre of live entertainment in Knutsford. Also we welcome new directors and cast members and a backstage team to come and join us on Thursday evenings as we still have 2 slots left that need filling.

We do hope you can all make it, so we can involve you as the community in the discussions moving forwards on how you want your theatre to look like moving forward.

Hobsons Choice, a brief history.

When looking back though the theatre archives it appears that the upcoming production of Hobson’s choice is only the second time that it has been performed on our little stage. The previous production was held over 30 years ago in May 1991, in which the piece took us right back to the 1800s when the play is set.

Tony Turner the production’s director has taken the time to write a short Biography of Brighouse and to outline his vision into what to expect when coming to see our new production of this classic piece.

Tony writes,

“The playwright, Harold Brighouse, was born in Eccles in 1882. His father was the manager of a cloth mill and Harold followed him into the textile industry. Gaining a scholarship to Manchester Grammar School, he began his studies but left at 17 years to take up a position in London. During this period Brighouse was active in theatre, in Manchester, The Gaiety Theatre was an acknowledged portal for many fine Northern repertory companies. His first production, The Doorway, was performed at the Gaiety in 1909.

During his time in London, he visited the Court Theatre in Sloane Square, later the Royal Court, and undoubtedly witnessed more radical productions by Anton Chekhov, Henrik Ibsen and Shaw.
In the 1960s, the radical tradition was continued with performances by Pinter, Beckett and Osbourne et al.

It is inconceivable that, given his sharp ear for a sub text, he was unaware of the Suffrage movement in Manchester and the radical nature of The Court productions. Our contention is that all these concepts are there in Hobson’s Choice but have often been overlooked in favour of a more “broad comedic “ appeal.

In our production we have attempted to pull together the disparate strands of the three sisters and as the women grow in strength, now refusing to be cowed by Hobson, Maggie grows in confidence and righteous anger as she confronts and overcomes her misogynistic father.

We hope you appreciate this other light we are casting on Hobson’s Choice.”

Back to business as usual, with “Hobson’s Choice”.

After a long break our theatre is finally getting ready to reopen. We are delighted to announce that our full reopening is scheduled for April 2022 for our spring production, our first since we closed for the pandemic in 2020.

It’s our great pleasure to announce that the first production will be Harold Brighouse’s classic play, “Hobson’s Choice”.

We look forward to holding auditions very soon, and of course this will be preceded by the play reading! The play reading is open to all who are interested in the theatre, no previous acting or theatre experience is required, and all are welcome.

The reading is due to take place at the theatre, at 7:30pm, 26th November. This is a tremendous way to get into community theatre, and introduce yourselves to the KLT team!

We look forward to seeing you there.