Year: 1975

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Shows from 1975 and Earlier

The Curious SavageFlat Spin The Cat and the Canary 
The Man Most Likely ToIntent to MurderFly Away Peter 
The Long and the Short and the TallThe Gazebo Dark Summer 
The ServantLetter from the GeneralLove in a Mist 
Present LaughterThe Rainmaker From This Day Forward 
The Prime of Miss Jean BrodieToad of Toad Hall The Importance of Being Earnest 
Little Red Whittington and the Forty BeanstalksRoar Like a Dove Black Chiffon 
Night Must FallPools Paradise The First Mrs. Fraser 
Cat Among the PigeonsSummer of the Seventeenth DollLadies in Retirement 
A Day in the Death of Jo EggThe Grass is GreenerThe Luck of the Draw 
Waiting in the Wings The Happy MarriageLady from Edinburgh 
Norman Bonaventure Pink String and Sealing Wax 
Birthday HonoursDry RotBlythe Spirit
All Things Bright and Beautiful On Monday NextPlaybill – The Browning Version, Harlequinade
I Have Been Here Before The Day’s Mischief Inquest on a Lady
Separate TablesDead on Nine The Linden Tree
Babes in the WoodFriends and NeighboursMurder Out of Tune
Rattle of a Simple Man Lois The Witch Robert’s Wife
Relatively Speaking Present Laughter Young Mrs. Barrington 
The Sleeping Beauty Something to Hide You Can’t Trust a Soul 
Dangerous Corner Sailor Beware Murder Without Men 
Semi-Detached Serious Charge The Devil Wears a Skirt 
Cranford The Late Edwina Black Sit Down a Minute, Adrian 
GigiLucky Stride Rebecca 
Aladdin Reluctant Heroes Love from a Stranger 
Say Who You Are Waiting for Gillian The Chiltern Hundreds 
Night of January 16th Murder Mistaken To Kill a Cat 
Spring and Port Wine Beside the Seaside See How They Run 
Busy Body The Man in Grey Great Day 
The Royal Astrologers The Love Match Shop at Sly Corner 
Suspect The Whole Truth The Camel’s Back 
A Christmas Carol Corinth HouseWhen We Are Married 
Boeing-Boeing Haul for the Shore Candied Peel 
Celebration Grand National Night Quiet Weekend 
Private Ear and Public EyeBook of the Month The Age of Youth 
Make Me a Widow All For Mary Mrs Gorringe’s Necklace 
My Three Angels Dial ‘M’ For Murder All of a Sudden Peggy 
The Reluctant Peer Rope I’ll Leave it toYou 
The Tinder Box Love’s a Luxury Lord Richard in the Pantry 
The Bride and the Bachelor Job For the Boy Mystery at Greenfingers 
Dick Whitington When King Canute Came Shadow over Bletchford 
Lord Arthur Saville’s CrimeAs Long As They’re Happy The Letter- Box Rattles 
Gaslight After My Fashion Barnet’s Folly 
Trap for a Lonely ManWho Goes There? Fresh Fields 
The Bill Killing One Wild Oat Lilies of the Field 
The Chalk Garden The Man The Barton Mystery 
Saturday Night at the CrownWe Must Kill Toni The Private Secretary 
Shadow in the Sun Jupiter Laughs Passing of the Third Floor Back 
Brush with a Body A Lady Mislaid The Strange Cast of Blondie White
Cinderella Here We Come GatheringInterference 
Anastasia Jane Steps Out The Young Person in Pink
  Tilly of Bloomsbury
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